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  • Detailed Treatment Plan [regular price $39]
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Methods are effective for all hair and skin types and in cases like:

  • androgenetic alopecia, alopecia areata,
  • problems with the thyroid gland/hashimoto, crohn disease,
  • psoriasis, dandruff, seborrheic and atopic dermatitis,
  • losing hair from stress,
  • hair loss after covid.

How to cure Alopecia? Read free chapter!

Chapter 12: Muscle tone - new theory for androgenetic alopecia

You will learn best home remedies from E-books

In this e-books you will find answers to questions

  • The whole truth about transplants. Why they are not worth it?
  • Why hair loss is not really the fault of genetics?!
  • What to do to accelerate hair growth?
  • Which cosmetics are effective against hair loss and stimulate growth?
  • What is the best test that no doctor can tell you about?
  • How to quickly and naturally add volume to your hair?
  • Which hair supplements are the best and why?
  • Which medications and treatments should be avoided?
  • Which food products are responsible for hair loss?
  • Which products are best for a hair regrowth diet?
  • How to prevent greasing and drying of your hair?
  • What are the two causes of hair loss that nobody talks about?
  • Which pharmaceuticals cause hair loss?
  • Why does hair fall out despite the use of many preparations?
  • What to do to keep your hair healthy with Thyroid / Hashimoto’s?
  • Why hair still falls out despite supplementing biotin and iron?
  • What is the irreplaceable remedy for hair growth?!
  • What mistakes should not be made in the daily care of your hair?
  • Why DHT theory is wrong and what should you do to regrow hair?
  • How to permanently remove dandruff?
  • How to cure androgenetic alopecia and alopecia areata?
  • What to do to speed up hair regrowth in receding hairline?

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About Treatment Plan

As a Bonus you will receive a detailed Treatment Plan for Healthy Hair [Regular price $39]! After 10 years of dealing with subject regarding hair loss and scalp issues and nearly thousand patients with amazing results the author created a specific home treatment plan. It contains specific directions with only home methods. The duration of the plan is 3 months – after 1-2 weeks you will notice that hair loss will significantly reduce! After 4-6 weeks the scalp should be cleared of any problems (itchiness, dandruff, inflammation) and your hair should be much stronger. After 2-3 months (usually much faster) you should be able to see a lot of new hair in places where there was no hair! The plan comes in package with free consultations with the author! [regular consultation price $79].

Effects of people using methods from E-books

Sylvie – androgenic alopecia

Kate – alopecia after chemotherapy

Caroline – hair loss/hashimoto

Paul – receding hairline

Andy – androgenic alopecia/psoriasis

Agnes – hair loss after covid

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

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If it turns out that you have a good reason of not being satified with the e-books, just write an e-mail to us and we will refund your money. However, we know that it will not happen, because these are the most effective recipes and innovative methods for healthy hair! Nevertheless, we provide such security, because we know how distrustful we are when shopping online (we also buy a lot of things).

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Why method from e-books are better than hair transplant?

My name is Anna Matejunas and I am the author of this e-book and the founder of the project “Regain Healthy Hair”. Every day for over 5 years we get hundreds of messages like “I have tried everything and my hair is still falling out and does not grow back, please help me”. In addition, there are often other problems such as baldness, lack of hair growth, greasy or dry hair, breaking, splitting, frizzing, dandruff and skin problems. If you also belong to this group, I have good news for you – we know the reasons and we know what to do. No magical and advertised preparations, no medications and absolutely no transplanatation will be needed!


There are several methods of carrying out a transplant. Regardless of the chosen method, the goal is the same – the follicles and the surrounding tissue are taken from the hairy area of ​​the head, and then implanted in the places where we dont have hair. Over the years, I have thoroughly studied the subject of transplantation and I can certainly say that this is no good resolution for you!


So the hair transplant procedure is performed under local anesthesia and costs from $2000 to even $13000 in reputable places. Assuming that it will be made perfectly, no one will guarantee us success. Why? It’s hard to say. We will not find specific arguments, it is usually brought into the body – either it will accept the transplant or not. Often the first months and years are going to be fantastic and the hair actually grows (not counting a few months of walking with holes in the skin after the procedure like some cartoon character). Two or three years pass and the hair suddenly disappears. Panic and visits to the doctor begins. The answer to the question “what happened?” it usually sounds similar – “genetics” or “such nature.” Could our cunning genetics again sensitize transplanted hair follicles in vulnerable areas? Why only after a few years and not after several months?


Long story short… if you keep making the same mistakes all the time, you can’t expect different results. The best example of the above statement is the history of the evolution of Dr. Garth Davis’ beliefs (supported by scientific research), which changed the way he practiced his profession diametrically. Dr. Davis achieved world fame after broadcasting a documentary series in which he and his father changed the lives of severely obese patients through bariatric surgery. Unable to master their eating habits, patients were helped to surgically limit the surface area of ​​the stomach that ingested food. The surgeon himself said that he felt like God when he saw the positive influence of his actions. Obese patients thinned their eyes, their lives changed. Unfortunately, by the time … After a few years, they started to gain weight again, and in addition, other serious health problems appeared. It turned out that the patients did not pay attention to what they ate, since they could not eat much anyway. The limited amount of calories resulted in a drastic weight loss, but the continued introduction of foods with a low nutritional content for a long time depleted the body of vitamins, micro and macro elements, and trace elements. Such energy exhaustion, in addition to serious diseases, causes the body to enter a defense state in order to survive – it retains whatever it can (hence re-weighting). Years later Dr. Davis apologized to his patients for what he had done to them.


This is the best example that there are no shortcuts. Without changing our actions so far, the effects of even the most expensive treatment will not last. Again we come back to healing the cause. Muting the symptom itself will always be only temporary. If your hair falls out due to muscle tension, poor diet, poisoning the body with pathogens and external pollutants and toxins, the effects after transplantation will not last for years without changing these components.


So, is hair transplant the only effective solution for alopecia, as most doctors who specialize in this “profession” claim? The answer is – Absolutely Not! It all depends on the condition of the scalp, and more precisely on the hair follicles. If there is a loss of hair follicles as a result of scarring alopecia, in fact, a transplant is the only solution because in this case the follicles will not regenerate. In any other case (99% of people in my experience) it is possible to regrow hair without a transplant. Transplantation is a so-called symptomatic treatment and not the most important treatment, ie “treatment from the cause”.


If you are ready for the challenge and want to heal yourself from the cause and without spending a dime on treatments, medications or cosmetics then order the e-book and start using the unique methods contained in it and you will regain healthy hair within few months!

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About the author


My name is Anna. I am a hair specialist, author of books and phytotherapist. For over 15 years I have been engaged in natural methods of healing the body. In 2018, I started the project “Regain healthy hair”, in which we share our knowledge and help to naturally solve problems related to hair and scalp. We have already helped hundreds of women and men. I am passionate about creating natural preparations and herbal cosmetics by hand. My mission in life is to raise awareness and share knowledge about the enormous influence of nature on our lives and the role it plays in regaining health. After purchasing the e-book you get a private contact to me. You will be able to consult for advice at any time! I will help you choose the best methods for your hair and skin which will bring you stunning results!

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