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Learn effective natural recipes and unique home methods which will make your hair stop falling out, grow back quickly, become thicker and healthier! Trust only nature, start home treatment and Regain Healthy Hair! Now with Hair Specialist free online help!

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  • 1x E-book [132 pages] with unique knowledge and effective methods!
  • 1x E-book with 67 home remedies for regaining healthy hair!
  • Hair Specialist Help! [Author of the e-books]. You will be able to contact for advice in anytime!

Methods are effective for all hair types and in cases like:

  • androgenetic alopecia, alopecia areata, losing hair from stress,
  • problems with the thyroid gland/hashimoto, crohn disease,
  • psoriasis, dandruff, seborrheic and atopic dermatitis,
  • hair loss after pregnancy or covid.

You will learn best home remedies from E-books

How to cure Alopecia? Read free chapter now!

Chapter 12: Muscle tone - new theory for androgenetic alopecia

In this e-books you will also find answers to questions

  • What are the two causes of hair loss that nobody talks about?
  • Which pharmaceuticals cause hair loss?
  • Why does hair fall out despite the use of many preparations?
  • What to do to keep your hair healthy with Thyroid / Hashimoto’s?
  • Why hair still falls out despite supplementing biotin and iron?
  • What is the irreplaceable remedy for hair growth?
  • What mistakes should not be made in the daily care of your hair?
  • How to quickly and naturally add volume to your hair?
  • How to permanently remove dandruff?
  • How to cure androgenetic alopecia and alopecia areata?
  • What to do to speed up hair regrowth in receding hairline?
  • Which cosmetics are effective against hair loss and for hair growth?
  • What is the best test that no doctor can tell you about?
  • Which tests are worth doing and how to interpret the results?
  • Which hair supplements are the best and why?
  • Which medications and treatments should be avoided?
  • Which food products are responsible for hair loss?
  • Which products are best for a hair regrowth diet?
  • How to prevent greasing and drying of your hair?
  • The whole truth about transplants. Are they worth it?
  • How to restore the natural color of gray hair without dyeing?
  • What to do to accelerate hair growth?

Effects of people using remedies from E-books

Sylvie – androgenic alopecia

Kate – alopecia after chemotherapy

Caroline – hair loss/hashimoto

Paul – receding hairline

Andy – androgenic alopecia/psoriasis

Agnes – hair loss after covid

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

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$79 $29

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How to Regain Healthy Hair? My History…

My name is Anna Matejunas and I am the author of e-books and the founder of the project “Regain Healthy Hair”. Every day for over 5 years we get hundreds of messages like “I have tried everything and my hair is still falling out and does not grow back, please help me”. In addition, there are often other problems such as baldness, lack of hair growth, greasy or dry hair, breaking, splitting, frizzing, dandruff and skin problems. If you also belong to this group, I have good news for you – we know the reasons and we know what to do. No magical and advertised preparations, medications or treatments will be needed. In fact, natural methods are enough to heal!


My beginning was developing alopecia areata in my teenage years. It was treated with strong steroids. The hair grew back but unfortunately I had huge side effects. I had to get off the steroids. Over the years, the problem of hair loss grew. I started buying popular biotin pills and shampoos. Several months of regular use and no positive results. Then I was tempted by more expensive, top-shelf preparations. The effects were negligible compared to the expenditure of time and finances. I did a lot of tests, including vitamins and hormones – the results were good, and yet my hair was still falling out, not growing, greasy and I had skin problems. Dermatologists prescribed well-known preparations based on minoxidil – a chemical compound that is as addictive as a drug and has huge side effects: facial hair, flaking, hives and swelling. It’s just poison! Other specialists in clinics recommended more and more innovative treatments: mesotherapy, oxygen infusion or laser therapy. I felt as if I had no choice anymore, so I decided to try expensive mesotherapy treatments, i.e. injecting substances into the hair follicles with needles that were supposed to nourish the bulbs. It helped, but I expected more – especially for the amount of several thousand dollars. A few months after the series of treatments, my hair started losing health again, and I was losing patience…


I bought a pile of books and started looking for stories of women who had similar problems. Over the years I have gained knowledge and practiced it. The conclusions drawn allowed me to finally understand what this is really about. Believe me, it is not necessary to buy expensive cosmetics or go to specialized treatments. Cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies often do not want to remove the cause of our problem, but only temporarily calm the symptoms – this can be compared to “treating” a pimple with a powder. The most important thing for them is that the customer should come back and leave the cash. It is obvious that healthy patient will not come back. That’s why I say stop it! The truth is that only you alone can improve your skin condition and regain healthy hair despite stress, androgenic alopecia or alopecia areata, receding hairline, thyroid problems, hashimoto’s, psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis, atopic dermatitis, anemia, diabetes and other diseases. You just need to understand the simple basics and implement some home remedies. Even within a few days, you can make your hair stop falling out, grow back quickly, become thicker and healthier! You will not need any expensive cosmetics, fancy treatments or prescription drugs that do you more harm than good. Stop being deceived, trust nature and regain healthy hair!

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About the author


My name is Anna. I am a hair specialist, author of books and phytotherapist. For over 10 years I have been engaged in natural methods of healing the body. In 2018, I started the project “Regain healthy hair”, in which we share our knowledge and help to naturally solve problems related to hair and scalp. We have already helped hundreds of women and men. I am passionate about creating natural preparations and herbal cosmetics by hand. My mission in life is to raise awareness and share knowledge about the enormous influence of nature on our lives and the role it plays in regaining health. After purchasing the e-books you get a private contact to me. You will be able to consult for advice at any time! I will help you choose the best natural methods and home recipes for your hair and skin which will bring you stunning results!

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